Saturday, October 24th 6-10pm 
Amor Eterno Arte 
1227 18th Ave 

Pochino Press is proud to release this art and poetry book of 22 original linocuts from East Oakland tattoo artist, Chamuco. Join us at Amore Eterno gallery to get your signed copy! Meet Chamuco, view the original Linocuts on display and hear the East Oakland Native Poets perform pieces from the book.

order the book now here!



I just wish you all the best for this book and i hope people will like it a lot and will learn positive things.

01/25/2016 9:36am

Congrats to Chamuco and the entire Pochino Press. This is a great thing for the entire tattoo artist community to have one of their own get his shot at having a book. It's sad that I missed the event and I do hope that there will be a lot of book signing events lined up in the future as well. Would love to have some poetry reading sessions as well.


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09/27/2016 6:02am

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12/24/2016 5:07am

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